Shemale Happiness

July 3rd, 2009

TS Kamila

The brunette slut in this XXX scene has been sexually repressed for quite a long time and she couldn't take it anymore. Good thing her shemale friend Kamila came by and found out about her problem! Kamila immediately dragged her to the room and challenged her to a round of rough sex. They began with some good old licking and sucking that made them even hornier! After that the brunette babe spreads her legs and begged Kamila to bang her really hard with her ladycock.  Lucky for her not only did she receive a brutal pussy pounding but also an unforgiving buttfuck! Both of them still wanted more so they called up their other friend, a buff guy, and told him to join in. What followed was a round of hardcore threesome that involved strap-ons, double penetration and a grand and nasty bukkake!

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Ladyboy Action

June 27th, 2009

2 cocks 1 asshole

What's the difference between peanut butter and jam? You can peanut butter your cock up this lady boy's ass! And that's exactly what this horny guy did to this tranny's asshole: Jam his hard cock into that horny tranny's butthole! But aside from shoving his meat pole into that tight asshole, he also filled it with white, creamy, spunk. Of course, that lady boy didn't just have it's asshole spread open. He also took that TS cock of hers and peanut buttered it's way right into that guys unexpecting ass! Now that's what we call a fuckfest!

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The Perfect Threesome!

June 26th, 2009

Tranny slut Sandy

Everybody dreams of having the best threesome experience! They want to suck and fuck at the same time and get their bodies really, really wet but what exactly is the best “threesome experience”? Such a hard question huh? Don't worry because this clip has the answer and it is none other than an orgy with a hot shemale slut. Sandy is a sexy ladyboy with a huge cock and she met a couple who was interested in having a nasty threeway. They invited Sandy over at their place and boom… the fuckfest began. Their wide buttholes ended up even wider after multiple rounds of anal fucking. All three of them were also able to suck cock and get covered in heavy loads of cum. By the way they were making so much noise that it made the scene hotter! So just check it out and see what an ideal group sex looks like!

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Tranny Gives It Good

May 13th, 2009

show how its done

This tranny wasn't satisfied with how this stud fucked her tranny asshole. So, she decided to show that man how to fuck! That guy has never had his asshole ripped by a cock before and started to scream in pain when that tranny started fucking his tiny asshole while stroking his cock. That's what you get when you can't satisfy a tranny with your hard cock. You'll eventually get on in return. Just look at this this way, that guy finally knows what it's like to be in the receiving side!

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Tits Should Come With Cocks

May 12th, 2009



Brittany had finally found the love of her life, and it came in the form of a hot tranny named Cathy. Losing themselves in a commingling of flesh, they ate each others' tits, cocks and pussies till they came simultaneously. Thinking that this was true love, Brittany could not ask for more – she got the complete package. She saw in Cathy the penultimate unification of the beauty of the human body – the suppleness of tits with the hardness of a cock personified in Cathy. Giving Cathy all of her passion, they had many a night of love – and of course, hard fucking!




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Hot Night with a Tranny

May 7th, 2009

TS Karen

We all know that it sucks finding out that the chick you flirted with in a bar turned out to be a shemale right? Well not really! If it's TS Karen you will still have a good time! Like this guy, when he saw Karen's huge cock he became really angry but when the tranny slut began rubbing his dick he suddenly had a change of heart. He began feeling horny and by the time Karen gave him a wonderful blowjob he decided to go all out. From there on both of them were able to get their asses fucked so hard that they couldn't help but moan like young sluts. It was followed by a round of ass to mouth and face fucking that made way for a huge cumshot covering their bodies with jizz! They might be wet but still they had one heck of an experience! Until now the guy kept coming back for more shemale action!

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Horny Tranny Wants Cock!

May 7th, 2009



Visiting a male whorehouse for the first time after her operation, Mindy hungrily awaited the arrival of a buff guy with a rock-hard cock to enter the room. Stroking her massive penis in anticipation, she realized that it was well worth the wait when the guy finally stepped in. Immediately eating each other out, and fucking each others' asses, the guy revealed to her that he was extraordinarily horny. It was his first time with a tranny, and had always wondered how it would feel to fuck one. Well, i guess both of them got their wishes that night!





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Tranny Cock Suck

May 6th, 2009

tranny cock

All I really wanted was to get my tranny asshole fucked by some sexy guy, but who would of thought that I'd be getting double the pleasure tonight! Aside from having my ts asshole penetrated by a hard cock, I also had my hard tranny cock sucked on by some hot bitch. How did this happen, you ask? I was just flaunting my sweet tranny ass in this bar when this guy came up to me and asked if I was interested in having a threesome with his girlfriend. Of course, I agreed — especially after seeing that hunk of a man. They actually thought I was some hot chick looking for a wild night, but it seems it was them who were in for one hell of a night, because the moment I took of my undies and showed my hard tranny dick, their eyes got wider and I knew they were thinking that they've been fooled. But lucky for me that they were open to this kind of stuff, so we spent the night together enjoying one hell of a fuckfest!

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